Aiden Philip Fischbein

Favorite Son, Grandson, Nephew and Buddy!

With so many people pictures of Aiden around, we need a place to keep track of them all, so this is Aiden's official website.

First, some pictures of Aiden with Mommy and Daddy:

And now some pictures of the little man himself:

This is Nonni's favorite picture of Aiden (taking after his father already.)


And finally, some pictures of Aiden with the rest of his friends and family:

Scott doesn't completely understand how Nonny can be entertained for hours and hours by Aiden drinking from his bottle...

Aiden is a big fan of Quantum Physics:

Sometimes after learning quantum mechanics, Aiden needs to just lie back and think about the meaning of the universe:

Baby's best friend...

Aiden's not sure which is harder: quantum physics or keeping track of all of Brian's friends who love him so much.

Stay tuned for more pictures of Aiden!

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