Climbing Gallery #1

All photos by Scott Fischbein-
posted on 11/29/1999 (taken at various times between 1989 and 1999)

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aaron carvillesc cowboys emeralds jimfremont
Aaron at Cal Domes Mike Carville on Steep Climb Named Desire Some Cowboys at City of Rocks Someone climbing in his tighty-whiteys at the Emeralds Jim (w/ Steph Davis belaying) at Fremont Canyon
nikkivenusfly pcowardsm petercave peterfremont petrohell
Nikki on Venus Flytrap, Bear Valley, CA Peter Coward on Scary Monsters, Bear Valley, CA Peter Caster on Caveman Peter being naughty Steve Petro at American Fork
  philbv rrg
  Phil in Bear Valley Unknown Climber at Red River Gorge