Davis Ultimate Invitational
Photos by Scott Fischbein

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(These are pretty large files- 70-110K per picture.)

(note: these have been reduced in resolution by about 50%... if anyone wants a higher resolution version for printing, feel free to email me at mail@climbernet.com and tell me the filename of the picture you want.)

P4070002 P4070003 P4070004 P4070006
P4070008 P4070009 P4070010 P4070011
P4070012 P4070013 P4070014 P4070015
P4070018 P4070021 P4070022 P4070023
P4070024 P4070025 P4070026 P4070027
P4070028 P4070029 P4070030 P4070031
P4070032 P4070033 P4070034 P4070035
P4070036 P4070037 P4070038 P4070039
P4070040 P4070044 P4070045 P4070049
P4070050 P4070051 P4070052 P4070053
P4070054 P4070055 P4070056 P4070057
P4070058 P4070059 P4070060 P4070061
P4070062 P4070063 P4070064 P4070065
P4070066 P4070068 P4070069 P4070070
P4070071 P4070072 P4070073 P4070074
P4070075 P4070076 P4070077 P4070078
P4070079 P4070081 P4070082 P4070083
P4070084 P4070085 P4070086 P4070087
P4070088 P4070089 P4070090 Q4-17-00
Q4-17-01 Q4-17-02 Q4-17-03 Q4-17-04
Q4-17-05 Q4-17-06 Q4-17-07 Q4-17-08
Q4-17-09 Q4-17-10 Q4-17-11 Q4-17-12
Q4-17-13 Q4-17-14 Q4-17-15 Q4-17-16
Q4-17-17 Q4-17-18 Q4-17-19 Q4-17-20
Q4-17-21 Q4-17-22 Q4-17-23 Q4-17-24
Q4-17-25 Q4-17-26 Q4-17-27 Q4-17-28
Q4-17-29 Q4-17-30 Q4-17-31 Q4-17-32
Q4-17-33 Q4-17-34 Q4-17-35 Q4-17-36
Q4-17-37 Q4-17-38 Q4-17-39 Q4-17-40
Q4-17-41 Q4-17-42 Q4-17-43 Q4-17-44
Q4-17-45 Q4-17-46 Q4-17-47 Q4-17-48
Q4-17-49 Q4-17-50 Q4-17-51 Q4-17-52
Q4-17-53 Q4-17-54 Q4-17-55 Q4-17-56
Q4-17-57 Q4-17-58 Q4-17-59 Q4-17-60
Q4-17-61 Q4-17-62 Q4-17-63 Q4-17-64
Q4-17-65 Q4-17-66 Q4-17-67 Q4-17-68
Q4-17-69 Q4-17-70 Q4-17-71 Q4-17-72
Q4-17-73 Q4-17-74 Q4-17-75 Q4-17-76
Q4-17-77 Q4-17-78 Q4-17-79 Q4-17-80
Q4-17-81 Q4-17-82 Q4-17-83 Q4-17-84
Q4-17-85 Q4-17-86