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The following links are not active yet, but I plan on adding these things in when I have time...
Movies: I hope to have some reviews of current movies and set it up so that other people can add their own comments and reviews. For now, I recommend Memento and Ghost World. More recently: 28 Days Later, Spellbound and for some good escapist summer entertainment: Pirates of the Caribbean. Links: the requisite list of interesting, useful or possibly completely boring and useless sites.

Books: Some books I've been reading lately and what I think of them. For now, some recent and not so recent favorites:
The River Why
The Lovely Bones
Consciousness Explained
Woman: An Intimate Geography
Motherless Brooklyn
The Corrections
The Things They Carried
and... many more.

Master's Paper
Some crazy people have asked me to read my Master's Thesis from UC Irvine. It's called Shared Spaces: Presence and Corporeality in Performance. I wouldn't subject anyone to reading the whole 50 pages, but if you're interested, you can read a shorter version. Here's the bibliography.

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