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A collection of Inky Dinks Fat Cat!

Inky Dink is a word game based on rhymes. The way it works is that you start with a hint consisting of two words. The answer that you're looking for is a two-word synonym of both words. Furthermore, each of the two words in the answer are individually synonyms for the corresponding words in the hint. For example, if the hint is "chubby feline" than the answer would be "fat cat." "Fat cat" is a synonym for "chubby feline," "fat" is a synonym for "chubby" and "cat" is a synonym for "feline." So where does the inky-dink come in? Well, in addition to the hint, you'll also be told that the puzzle is an "ink-dink," or an "inky-dinky" (or maybe even an inkity-dinkity...) This silliness tells you how many syllables are in the answer: ink-dink means one syllable (in each word), inky-dinky means two, and so on. So "fat cat" would, of course, be an "ink-dink." Pretty straightforward, huh? Well, try your luck at the following list of inky dink puzzles or feel free to add one of your own.
Note: make sure to use all lowercase letters, unless you're using a proper noun...

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