Four Guys, Eight Lights and One Crash:
Auburn Night Ride
(Rob, Dana, Cory and Scott ride
Stagecoach, Manzanita, Tinker's, Clementine, Culvert, Confluence)

Cory Eden, Dana Fetrow, Rob Anagnoson and I (Scott Fischbein) got together for our weekly night ride. We usually hit Salmon Falls, Sweetwater or Auburn, and tonight it was Auburn... I was testing out my new Fuji FinePix F700. Hope you enjoy the results...

We're going THAT way...

Dana and Cory having fun on the climb up Stagecoach

Blinded by the light:

Rob may be getting tired of all these flashes...

Or maybe he's just pissed that I take the picture just as he dabs:

Dana thinks better of attempting the stream crossing on Manzanita

Rob's Jet Lites see him past the rocks on Tinker's

Scott gets WAY back

Cory takes this very seriously

Dana riding through the trees on Tinker's

Taking a break on the couch (!) on Clementine

It was a WARM night! (Dana at the top of Clementine)

Funny how you can only see inside that culvert when you ride at night:

Cory getting air (really, I swear!)

And, as promised, the crash... well, the aftermath anyway... I learned a valuable lesson about tubeless tires: Don't let them lose too much pressure during a ride, or they might spontaneously deflate when you hit a rock at 15 mph...

Cool thing about riding with friends - if your tubeless tire blows out and you crash, you can complain that "My palms hurt" and they'll pump your tires up for you! Rob insisted it was well worth the price of admission for watching my bike fly 20 feet past my body when I crashed.

Back at the car, inspecting the damage:

Mmmmm, blood

Thanks for a great ride guys! And thanks for pumping up my tire...

Here's some video of the guys riding the jump on culvert. Please "Right Click and Save As" if you want to watch it... It's 640x480 and hency a very large file for it's length (about 11 megs for 10 seconds!) But I'm too lazy to open up Premiere and edit it, so...

If, for some reason, you want to see ALL the photos I took, go here.

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