For those who like to have all the facts:

Why the wacky wedding imagery? OR more than you ever wanted to know about the wedding invitation

O.k. , the basics. First, the picture is of a monkey and a crow and they are exchanging rings. The monkey’s ring is on his tail, the crow’s ring is on her foot. Second, I made the image. It is a lino-cut and it was made by using a small, hand-held tool to carve away pieces from a mounted block of linoleum. The image on the card is a bit smaller than the original. I printed the original by hand using SpeedBall ink onto white paper and then Mitch and Stuart (Mitch’s brother) scanned the original and we used that to make the wedding invitations.

Why the monkey and the crow?

I am Christy Crow. I became Christy Crow while I was at Evergreen studying Biology. There aren’t many crows around Pullman, where I grew up, but there are a ton in Olympia, where I went to college. When I got to Olympia I noticed all the crows and I ended up paying a lot of attention to them. They are very intriguing birds. They’re black and shiny, and they talk a lot, making many different and bizarre sounds (they have a huge vocal repertoire). While I was at Evergreen I got attached to crows and began to feel like I could really relate to them. They are loud and obnoxious (like me), like bright shiny objects (like I do, although this is in doubt), like to play tricks (like me), and are generally big goof balls. So I did a lot of drawings and paintings of crows and wrote some poems about crows and generally got into crows. That started my friends Michelle and Matt calling me Christy Crow and I started signing letters to my friends, Christy Crow. So when I finished my bachelors degree at Evergreen I got a tattoo of a Fish Crow (Corvus ossifragus) on my arm, and that pretty much sealed the deal on Christy Crow. If you want to know why a Fish Crow or why not a Raven, ask me at the wedding or e-mail me and I’ll tell you.

Crow links: crowphilia, the crow project

Crow Post Script

Of course, it turns out that when I moved to Davis I moved to the land of Anti-Crow. There are a lot of crows here too but people here generally don’t like them and there are large agricultural campaigns here that involve poisoning lots of crows. Coincidence?

Mitch is Mitchell Monkey or just generally, Monkeyboy. We call him Monkeyboy for A LOT of reasons. The longest standing reason is that when he was a wee lad his Mom and Dad (Barbara and Jim, you’ll meet them at the wedding) gave him a stuffed monkey and they gave his brother, Stuart, a stuffed bear. So Mitch was monkey Mitch. Then there’s the fact that Mitch always has to be in the highest point in any picture and the fact that he swings from trees and is generally mischievous and cute. Add to that the fact that he was born in the year of the monkey. Add to that the fact that he has a huge Ape Index (the ratio of his arm length to height, an advantage in climbing). The two final monkeyboy references are 1) the movie Buckaroo Banzai in which all humans are referred to as monkeyboys and 2) the fact that before I left Evergreen I started this fun correspondence with my friends Sarah, John, and Kristen. John and I, in particular, started sending each other secret spy messages. In these messages, I was a monkey running and John was The Beaver. When I moved to Davis I continued the tradition and signed some of my messages to Mitch, a monkey running. Well he appropriated the reference and he also became a Monkey Running. The original Monkey Running reference comes from a poem that my friend Kristina Coker sent me. It is an awesome poem and one of the lines from it is: a dream I had, a monkey running. Well that stuck in my imagination and, as they say, the rest is history.

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