Pot Luck Dinner Information Page

For the dinner following the wedding ceremony, we're taking a cue from our good freinds Kyle and Eric, and having a semi-potluck dinner. One of the things that we hope to celebrate during our wedding weekend is the community that we are so fortunate to be a part of - and a pot luck dinner is such a wonderful and communal way to share a meal with freinds and family.

What do I mean by "semi-potluck?" Well, we plan to grill salmon for everyone, and to provide drinks. We are asking our guests to bring a side dish, salad, or dessert.

Our freind Tiffany Bensen has graciously offered to be the pot-luck Czar - it is her job to make sure that we don't end up with everyone bringing the exact same thing (although if all of you brought chocolate brownies, I'm sure we'd manage to survive the calamity).

If you will be flying to California for the wedding, we don't expect you to bring a covered dish with you as a carry-on, so don't worry! If you are coming by car, you will get a call (or email) from Tiffany in the next couple of weeks, letting you know what category of dish to bring. I also expect to update this page with more specific info about the potluck after we make a few final decisions. So, check back soon.

We will have refrigerator/freezer space available in Bear Valley for those of you who will be joining us on Friday. Just find Christy, Tiffany, or myself when you arrive in town, and we'll get your dish to the appropriate temperature for storage.

If you have questions, email me, Christy, or Tiffany.


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