Climbing Photos

Gallery 1 Joshua Tree, Donner Summit, City of Rocks, Bear Valley, Fremont Canyon, etc...

Gallery 2 Joshua Tree and Bear Valley

Hueco Tanks
Horse Flats
Utah 5-03
El Cap: Salathe - 5-03
Squamish, Whistler, Vancouver

Mountain Biking PhotosChilao XC riding in the San Gabriels

Replay by the Bay  MTBR gathering in the bay area, CA

Jan's Arm a mountain bike ride gone bad...

Auburn Night Ride
- Four Guys, Eight Lights and One Crash

Northstar - Rocks and Drops!

BC 2003 - pure joy

British Columbia 2004 - more joy

Santa Clara Multi-Sport Festival
San Jose 2005
UCD Team Getaway Fall, 2005
Berkeley Bearathlon 2006
Sac State 2006 (on

 Miscellaneous Photos:

Mitch and Christy's Wedding
Aaron and Kimi's Wedding

Brian and Sara's Wedding
Family Trip to Nantahala

Worlds Cutest Dog- Winnie's best pics
Winnie's first day!
Winnie the Wonder Dog
Family trip to Tahoe
Brian's New House
Bailey and Winnie
Winnie in Truckee
Winnie in Joshua Tree
Winnie and Bailey, Pt. 2
Davis Ultimate Invitiational
Aiden - April 2004
Aiden - Mother's Day 2004
Vintage family photos
Birthday Visit 2006 -

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